Friday 24 and 31 December 2021 Citodent Imaging will be closed earlier

Citodent Imaging will be closed in the afternoon on Friday afternoon 24 and Friday afternoon 31 December.

Happy holidays everyone!

LOG4J vulnerability not applicable to VisiQuick and Facad

There are currently warnings worldwide about security risks in LOG4J software in relation to Apache servers.

Our products VisiQuick and Facad do not suffer from the newly discovered vulnerabilities. The LOG4J tool and Apache servers are not used.

VisiQuick 4 available for MSSQL database

VisiQuick 4 build 819 is available. This version can work with the classic Paradox database but also with a MSSQL full version database.

Later this year another variant of VisiQuick will be launched: VisiQuick Extended. This includes the following functions:

  • User Roles (linked to Active Directory or Administration system): allows the functions and possibilities within VisiQuick to be assigned to specific user groups.
  • Central configuration and management of X-ray equipment: for practices with multiple locations.
  • Worklist X-ray (Dicom, modality worklist): queue per location or clinic to make X-ray images.

New release VisiQuick 3 build 819

From now on VisiQuick 3 build 810 has been succeeded by VisiQuick 3 build 819. Changes included: expanding the number of X-ray devices supported for working in the cloud.

Here the full release notes.

DentalEyepad works with VisiQuick

The DentalEyepad camera has recently appeared on the market. This digital camera has its own built-in workflow and the photos can be automatically added to the patient card in VisiQuick.

The installation is easyly done by yourself or with the help of your IT professional.

DenatlEyepad is available at various dental depots.

New VisiQuick dealers in Belgium and Denmark

We are pleased to announce that our dealer network is expanding further.

In Denmark there are two new VisiQuick dealers: Nordenta AS, and Dent Support.

In Belgium DK Medical has become a dealer of VisiQuick working closely with Kerckaert & Laboror.

All VisiQuick dealers are able to carry out the entire process of training, installation and support of VisiQuick. This applies not only to new but also to existing users of VisiQuick.

VisiQuick the best solution in the cloud or in your local network

VisiQuick is the best solution for working with your x-ray equipment from the cloud or in a local network. In both configurations VisiQuick proves to be a robust solution. Also in the cloud all devices supported and you can work with terminal server, citrix or other cloud solutions from your own IT provider.

Where other solutions require large local investments, VisiQuick can run your practice from the cloud without having to maintain a growing complex and expensive IT environment locally.

From large dentist chains to smaller practices from 3 workplaces, this way of working proves to be very beneficial, maintaining the quality and speed of your way of working. By turning in the cloud you will realize lower costs for IT and software.

For more information, please contact contact us.

Copy directly from VisiQuick to Invisalign

The Invisalign treatment with tailor-made transparent aligners is being used in more and more clinics in addition to existing techniques. From version VisiQuick version 777, it is possible to copy your images directly from VisiQuick to the Invisalign web portal.

You can simply drag the photo from VisiQuick to Invisalign. Click on the top left corner of a photo, hold down the mouse and drag the photo to the desired position in Invisalign.

VisiQuick CE

VisiQuick version is CE certified. This complies with European regulations for (x-ray) image processing programs. This obligation applies to all image processing programs and not just only VisiQuick.

You can see in the help screen of your program whether it is CE certified or not. If you do not see a CE logo then contact us to inform you for upgrading or transfer to VisiQuick.

All customers with an active (non-expired) license can use as usual the latest version. For customers with no longer active (expired) licenses and new customers, an action has been initiated to start working with VisiQuick CE.

With this action VisiQuick becomes by far the cheapest program for (x-ray) image processing software.

VisiQuick: Most Used, Highest Rated, Fast and Safe!

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